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Most parents consider a portable cot to be a “must-have” item for their baby. This is useful for weekend trips and as a second cot in the living room or at Grandma’s for sleepovers.

CHOICE warns that not all portable cots are created equal.

Recent tests revealed that even the most popular brands pose serious safety hazards.

Rebecca Ciaramidaro, CHOICE’s expert on baby products, says, “We regularly test a variety of portable cots available in Australia.” “Our most recent reviews show that 85 percent fail to meet key safety requirements. This is a very disappointing result,” added Ciaramidaro.

17 of 20 don’t meet the requirements

CHOICE checks the cots and any accessories (such as changing tables, toys, etc.) for various things, including small objects that could be a choking hazard. They also check if a cot is sharp on corners, edges, and points and has breathable zones.

The cost is also checked for stability, brakes on the wheels, and horizontal and vertical strength. The testing also involves checking for any strangulation or entrapment risks and ensuring the mattress is firm.

A spokesperson stated, “Many portable cribs that have been tested by CHOICE do not meet the most recent safety standards.” Some of the most common failures are mattresses that must be firmer or cots made with non-breathable material at sleeping levels. They can be a suffocation risk if the child turns onto its face or their front.”

The latest tests revealed that 17 20 porta cots failed to meet critical safety standards.

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