Owlet canera

The Owlet cam lets you hear, speak, and see your child from anywhere. The Cam is designed for parents who are looking for flexibility. Its minimalist and versatile design fits into any environment, and the magnetic base allows you to place it anywhere. You can always see your child.

Owlet Cam Features

Owlet Cam allows parents to monitor their child’s development day and night. Below are just some of the features that the Owlet Cam offers:

HD video and 4X zoom

The Owlet Cam can stream HD 1080p videos from anywhere in the Owlet app to your smartphone. You can see a clear image of your child and their sleeping environment anywhere. Use 4X pinch to zoom for a closer look. You can enjoy the same HD image quality day and night with an auto-adjusting night mode. No more squinting at fuzzy screens.

Motion & Sounds Notifications

Sound & Motion notifications will send you a message to your smartphone when sound or movement is detected in your baby’s room. You can check if Baby is still sleeping or has woken up and is ready to play without having to enter their room.

Secure Encrypted Wireless

Only those that you select can view your Cam’s footage. The Cam is safer than analog monitors because of its security features.

Background Audio and Two-Way Audio

You can talk to your baby and soothe them from any location without entering their bedroom. The Cam lets you quickly reassure Baby when they need calming words. You can also play audio from the baby’s bedroom in the background as you do other things on your phone.

Room temperature sensor

The Owlet App allows you to check the temperature in your baby’s bedroom and ensure it is not too hot or cold.

Humidity sensor

Owlet Camera’s humidity sensor measures not only temperature but also humidity. It will alert you with a lavender sleep aid if humidity levels reach uncomfortably high grades in your child’s room. The Owlet Cam keeps humidity under control. By default, the humidity thresholds are set at 10% for “low” and 90% for “high.” These levels can be adjusted to suit your home and surrounding conditions. This will ensure Baby is comfortable.

A complete picture of baby: heart rate and average oxygen level

The Owlet Cam and Dream Sock can be used together to monitor the intermediate oxygen level of your baby. The Dream Sock is the only baby monitor tracking heart rate and oxygen level. It will update you on your baby’s oxygen levels every 10 minutes.

The Dream Sock and the Cam can monitor various sleep indicators, including heart rate, oxygen levels, movement, wakings (wake-ups), noise, temperature, humidity, and room temperature. This will give you valuable insights into your child’s sleeping habits.

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