Cat cover for bassinet

Our home has two cats and four children. There are a lot of hands and paws in this house. I worry about the cats’ adjustment whenever we have a new baby.

Change can be difficult for cats to accept. They can be extra curious when new things are brought into the house or hide out of fear. New babies can cause a mixture of fear and curiosity.

I am expecting our fifth baby any day, so I have prepared my cats for arrival. First, I had to show them they could not nap in the portable crib or the bassinet. We were very successful.

You need not be afraid if you have a cat at home that loves to curl up in a cozy place like the bassinet or crib of your child. Using a bassinet cover and some helpful tips, you can easily deter your cat.

Are cats dangerous to babies?

A good night’s sleep is essential. The American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement in 2022 written by Rachel Y. Moon, MD FAAP, and Rebecca F. Carlin, MD FAAP, estimates that approximately 3,500 infants per year die due to sleep-related incidents. This includes cases where the cause of death is unknown, such as suffocation and strangulation.

No parent would want to risk their child’s life. Cats should never be allowed to sleep in a baby’s crib. Due to the way that cats react to babies and warm sleeping areas, there is a high risk of suffocation.

What is the reaction of cats to newborn babies?

According to the cat’s personality, it could be either curious and affectionate or frightened. The curious cats are the ones that can be the most troublesome. These cats may even bond with a newborn and become protective.

Why you should keep cats away from your baby

Cats can be dangerous to newborns. You may want to have your pet bond with your baby, but you should be cautious.

Risk of Suffocation

I’m here to dispel any myths that cats steal babies’ breath. Many people think that cats deliberately suffocate infants. This is not true and is not why cats can suffocate babies.

It is not a good idea to let cats near a sleeping baby. They might try to curl up close to the face of the baby for it to get warm. The baby may suffocate if the cat climbs into the bassinet to nap. The risk of sudden infant death syndrome increases if you add an extra item to the bassinet.

The Risk of Licking a Baby’s Face

A curious cat may lick a baby’s face as a form of protection instinct or to taste the milk dripping from the mouth. This is not sanitary and could spread bacteria. This will irritate the baby and may also wake him up.

Risk of Biting or Scratching

Your baby will grow curious about all the animals in your home. Your baby may grab the tail or fur of the cat if it jumps in the crib. Cats will usually bite or scratch to protect themselves.

Scratches, bites, and other injuries can bring in many bacteria. These wounds can become infected and even scar. This risk can be eliminated by keeping the cat away.

Risk of Urinating

No cat owner would want to face this risk. Cats urinate out of their litter boxes to make a point. If your cat is unhappy about the new baby, it may urinate on the bassinet or nursery.

How to Prepare Your Cat for the Arrival of the Baby

It’s natural to wonder how you can prepare your pet for the arrival of a baby. You’ll be busy when your baby arrives. Try these tips to prepare your cat for your baby’s arrival:

  • Let them smell baby products
  • Explore the nursery with your child.
  • You can get them used to loud sounds. You can play videos of a crying baby and turn on baby swings or other items you will use.
  • Reduce your attention (especially if you are busy and your cat is used to interacting with you).

The Cat Cover for the Bassinet is a Must-Have!

It may seem dangerous to cover a bassinet, but in reality, it is perfectly safe. Knowing precisely what you are buying and how it will be used is essential.

What can you use to cover a bassinet?

Only a mosquito net that is lightweight and removable should be used to cover bassinets. The cover should be designed explicitly for bassinets. If you cover your bassinet in any other material, it can lead to suffocation.

Can babies generally breathe in a bassinet that is covered?

Your baby is safe in a cat-proof bassinet with mesh fabric or mosquito net. The mosquito netting doesn’t restrict airflow.

Other materials should not be used to make a cat-proof bassinet. The baby can overheat if you use heavier fabrics for the bassinet. These materials can also easily fall onto the baby’s mattress.


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