Pram duo

Double prams make life easier for parents with two children

Getting around town with just one baby is not easy, but two babies can make it feel like an Olympic event. The double pram is a great solution. A double pram is an excellent option for parents with twins or children of different ages.

My daughter was already 4 when my second child arrived. I did not have a double stroller. A double pram for long days out would have been ideal. We bought a skateboard attachment to attach at the rear of the pram. If your children are close in age, then a double stroller that can accommodate them is the best option.

Double prams can be tandem with two children behind each other or side-by-side. We have selected the best double strollers this year so you can be out and about quickly and conveniently.

The best side-by-side strollers

The stroller is lightweight, compact, and only 9.8kg. It fits through standard doors and can be folded easily. This is a good option for twins as they can be seated side by side from newborns up to 20kg or different ages.

A happy customer wrote: “I have researched twin/duo strollers, and this was the one we liked the most.” We wanted something that could grow with our two babies, who will be only 12 months apart. It is so light it weighs less than our diaper bag. It’s easy to push and turns on a dime. It was only used in our home with a doll on one side and a wiggly child on the other. I managed to get through doors quickly.”

Baby Jogger City Tour 2, Double Stroller

It is only natural that we include the double stroller from Baby Jogger, a well-known brand. The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 double stroller is lightweight and fits through standard doors. It can be folded easily to make it easy to transport and store. Seats are comfortable with adjustable calf support and multiple recline positions. As with all Baby Jogger strollers, this one is perfect for an active urban life.

Joie Aire twin stroller, $399

This lightweight double stroller is suitable for twins weighing up to 15kg. It can be pushed through standard doorways or supermarket checkouts. The stroller also includes padded seats, rain covers, and a 4.5kg carrying basket to hold all the baby gear.

One customer commented in an online review that “it’s light and compact, fits in the car, and is easy to maneuver.” “Both my 14-month-old and 2-year-old are very happy.”

Valco Baby Slim Twin Stroller

This stroller measures less than 66cm in width. It is designed to fit into the narrowest doorways. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has a neat one-hand folding. Seats are adjustable and comfortable, making it ideal for babies with different sleeping patterns. Suitable for twins and children of different ages or newborns up to 22kg.

Bugaboo Donkey 5-Twin Bassinet and Seat Pram

The Bugaboo Double Pram is a beautiful product. It is ideal for twins and comes in three configurations. Babies can be positioned to face each other, you, or ahead. It is 74cm wide and fits through most doors, supermarket aisles, and checkouts. It’s expensive, but it does more than double the job of a pram.

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