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It’s hard to be a new mother, but it is even more complicated when you have a newborn plus a toddler. Although I loved to hold my newborn, I had to let him go at times to cook dinner or catch a 3-year-old who was being mischievous.

As I prepared for the birth of our child, I read thousands of reviews on rockers and swings. The 4moms MamaRoo 4 was always mentioned. This seat combines the features of both the swing and rocker in one. It has five different movements, unlike a rocker or swing that only rocks.

We wanted to make sure that you are using your money effectively.



The mamaRoo4 comes with five movements and five-speed settings. The movements are named according to what they represent and are accurate.

  • Car Ride: The car moves in a figure-8 with a bit of bounce.
  • Kangaroos: Bounces backward, then forwards.
  • Tree Swing: Swings left to right and back
  • Rock-a-Bye: Back and forth in an arched motion
  • The wave is a circular motion that goes up, around, and down.


  • MamaRoo4 has Bluetooth built-in, allowing parents to control their seats via an app. The center has MP3 and four different soothing sounds. The seat can be adjusted from sitting upright to reclining. The fabrics can be machine washed and are available in three other options. The top has a mobile with a crinkle ball, a mirror, and a rattle.


  • The mamaRoo4 weighs only 19 pounds and measures 33. L by 19.5? W by 25.5? H.

What we love about Mamaro

Multiple Movements

  • Five different movements are the unique feature of the mamaRoo4 that we love most. The Graco Swing was a hit with our first child but not so much with our second.
  • Continue until you find a movement that your baby enjoys. These movements mimic the different activities that calm down a baby.
  • Five movements are included:
    • The car is our little one’s favorite.
    • the kangaroo
    • Tree swing
    • Rock a Bye
    • The wave
  • MamaRoo4 is right when she says one motion is not always the best. A baby might prefer bouncing on Tuesday, but they want to be swayed by Wednesday.

Easy to clean – Machine washable (Hallelujah)

  • Easy to remove and throw in the wash are musts in our household because I don’t have time to hand-wash things. In our house, we look for items that are easy to remove and can be thrown in the washing machine. I only sometimes have time to wash them by hand.

Change MOTION Remotely with Bluetooth Controls

  • This feature is excellent. Sometimes, the baby needs to change its motion. It’s a great time-saver to change the motion settings while your baby is in the connected room. Since I wouldn’t say I like to get up, I have used it to watch Netflix while on the couch.
  • One downside of the app is that it can only pair with one phone at a given time. If Dad wants to download the app, he must pair it; when Mom likes it, she will need to pair hers. We were in a constant back-and-forth battle, so we decided only to have one parent’s phone with the app.


    • Age and weight limits: The mamaRoo4 was designed for babies weighing 5-25 pounds or until they can sit without assistance. This seat will last you only 9 to 15 months.
    • Mobile: 2017 The 2017 version added touchpoints, including a rattle ball with a mirror and a crinkle ball. We would like them to move independently.
    • Speakers: The speakers are present but are quiet. There is no music or lullaby in the four sounds that are programmed. It would be best if you had an AUX cable to play music. I prefer to be able to play music via Bluetooth if you have Bluetooth, an app, and Bluetooth available.
    • Cost: The mamaRoo4 is $220 for basic fabric and $250 for plush or mesh. You’ll also need to purchase a $35 newborn insert if your baby is more petite. This is a lot of money for a seat you will not use after six months.

What is the difference between 4MOMS Mamaro 4.0 and 3.0?

  • Convenience is the keyword. The new interface is more adaptable. The new interface allows you to easily alter something by using your foot.
  • The following changes are also included:
  • * New fabrics, which are more supple to the touch. This is true even for the Classic model.
  • * Mobile upgraded. MamaRoo 3.0’s mobile was just three balls that did nothing. The 4Moms MamaRoo 4.0 adds three touchpoints: a rattle ball, a crinkle ball, and a ball that has a mirror. The mobile does not spin on its own.
  • App upgrades. The MamaRoo 3.0 came with a Bluetooth-connected app that allowed you to control the speed and motion of the MamaRoo from your smartphone. The 4Moms 4.0 MamaRoo model is more stable, and the connection does not drop.

Our Overall Review

  • We like the Graco Soothe My baby rocker because it is more functional, faster, and can stand alone.

What other parents say

  • Here’s what parents have to say about it.

4MOMS.COM – 4.2 OUT of 5 STARS (1 665 REVIEWS).

  • I bought it for my grandson. He loves it. It helped him with his fuss. He’s two weeks old and loves it.
  • This is ideal for a mom who has to do chores at home or works from home.
  • “I own this and a Graco Swing. The mamaRoo is lightweight and portable, which I like. Moving to another room is easy, which is great for moms with multiple children. It would be better if the device had a battery so you weren’t tied to an outlet.
  • “Love this. “My son was in the NICU, and they had these, which was great for the baby.” – Levi Lynn.


  • “I love this swing!” This swing was chosen after we had looked at several others. The price initially held us back, but it is worth every penny. We have a baby who spits up, so being able to adjust her seat has been a great help. “I would recommend it to everyone/anyone.” — Mom of Girls (Verified Purchase)
  • “A more expensive swing than I anticipated, but I love how smooth it is and that it lets my daughter rest while I do housework. So I suppose it was worth it. “I love that I can adjust the settings using an app instead of reaching for buttons on the base while the machine is moving.” – EMR26 (verified purchaser)
  • This worked great for my baby. We would have to ride him around in the car to get him to fall asleep. The mamaRoo replaced the car ride. He calmed down immediately after we put him into the mamaRoo. We love the MamaRoo!! We have no regrets!! !” – Ellie J (verified purchase)


  • Soon after I placed my 1-month-old little guy into the car seat, he stopped flailing his arms and legs. Not long after, his eyes closed. This only happens when I lift him. So, I held him the majority of the time…UNTIL NOW. “I am very pleased with this product thus far.” -Antonette. (verified order)


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