Jelly cat dog

Jellycat is a great success. They are currently the most prominent soft toy designers and manufacturers on the planet!

One question that many new buyers have is whether or not Jellycat products are safe for their furry companions.

Jellycat uses a variety of materials in its collection of soft toys. Finding the right one that is safe for your pet may be difficult. Here are some things to remember and some ideas to help you along the way.

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Your Pet’s Size

You should avoid certain toys and materials.

For example, a small amount of fluffy fur may not harm a giant dog, like a Labrador, but can cause serious harm to a smaller one, like a Chihuahua. It is because of the undigestible material that can clog their plumbing system and cause internal damage.

This is a catastrophe that none of us wants!

If you want a toy your pet won’t destroy within the first 10 mins, you should look elsewhere! Jellycat toys are of high quality. If you’re looking for an unbeatable product, then look elsewhere!

A Kong toy might be better! The Jellycat Size

It is best to choose a bigger Jellycat, as smaller items can be swallowed. A giant toy will likely be more suitable for pets. The lines like the Bashful Bunny There are many plush toys in different colors and sizes. The shop has many tiny plushies that your pets will love. Vivacious Vegetable Range They are perfect for small jaws!

DIY Pet Proofing

If you have toys that are not “pet-proof,” try removing any strings, ribbons, eyes, or other parts which could be chewed and eaten. Soft toys can be damaged, and some are more durable than others. It’s always worth considering Pet-Proofing! Please replace your Jellycat as soon as you notice signs of wear. This will ensure that your pet enjoys it to the fullest. 

Jellycat!Safety Guidelines for Products

If a toy is labeled “suitable for babies,” it is likely appropriate for playtime under supervision with your pet.

Soft toys filled with polystyrene and nutshells can pose a problem, but even the “safe” fillings are not digestible. Safe play is always supervised. Make sure you can machine-wash any soft toys that you buy. If the toy has a more durable material, it is better suited for rougher play.

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