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You might expect my home to be awash with kid’s toys and baby gear since I have four children aged eight or younger.

As I get more children, I simplify more of our stuff. Now, I have a list of the essentials. I only keep the items that I cannot live without and the toys my children use. When a mom-to-be wants to know what items are worth registering, I only have a handful of must-haves.

I recommend the BABY BJORN Bouncer Seat to any new mother. It is worth every penny and is a must-have.

Since I bought my first BABYBJORN seat eight years ago, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seat has been the most used product in our home for the first year of the baby’s life.

We bought a second one to keep ours from moving back and forth from the bedroom to the living room every time we moved.

It may seem counterintuitive that the seat bounces your baby by itself. But it does not have any mechanical parts. Many moms may not be interested in the “no motion” bouncer, as many products claim to rock your baby to sleep mechanically. The seat reacts to the baby’s kicks and has taught my children to self-soothe.

It is also super light and folds in seconds. Because of these features, we’ve stored it in the car, under the couch, and in suitcases. It folds flat, which is excellent.

Entertainment zone:

Does the toy bar worth it? The toy bar is worth every penny. The toy bar is not only adorable but also one of the very first toys my babies play with when they realize the world outside my boobs. The toys are at eye level and spin, so they entertain my baby while I prepare food or shower.

Great Style:

The BABYBJORN bouncer has a very stylish design. I’m finished with baby toys and gear that makes my home look like a theme park. The elegant European design looks great in my living area, and I love that both parents and babies can enjoy it.

It’s adjustable:

We can use the bouncer for years to come with its three-height settings. The bouncer is adjustable for older children and can be used from infant to toddler. It is that good.

It works just like

If it didn’t, I wouldn’t still be swooning after eight years with four children. The seat has been a place for me to leave my baby when I was working (I rocked it with my feet while reporting on breaking news stories for the Washington Post). It’s also a comfortable spot for my second baby to lie while his older brother plays. It has lasted almost a decade of nearly constant use.

Looking back, what I thought eight years ago was a waste of money was the best investment I made in baby equipment.

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