Hi lo chair

The Best Seating Versatility

There’s only one thing you can oversell regarding special seating: versatility! Parents, children, and therapists need all-in-one seating solutions to accommodate the many needs that arise in a day. Adaptivemall.com believes that anything we can do to reduce the required equipment (and associated costs) is positive. We often recommend special needs chairs that are adjustable. High-low chairs (or hi-low chairs) are an excellent option for parents and caregivers who require adjustability. They can transform from a table-height chair for sensory exploration and eating to a floor seat for group play and circle time.

Hi-low chairs are available in many styles. Some have built-in trays that can be used for homework, crafts, or reading. If you need a chair that can be used in different places, then a special needs chair on wheels is the best option. You can use the seat in the classroom, dining room, living room, or playroom. Our all-in-one solutions and our special needs seats and base can be combined to create a versatile seating system. Consider the Hi-Low MPS to get customizable support and flexibility.

How to Size Your Hi-Low Chair

Adaptivemall.com’s one-on-one service is what we are known for. We have a team dedicated to therapists who will help you choose the best seat and size for your child. Many chairs can be made to order, and the support can also be tailored to meet your child’s needs. Please send us a size request for more information or a personalized sizing recommendation. This service is essential for getting the perfect fit and is free!

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