Rudie nudie playmats

You’ve probably heard that being outdoors is suitable for your children. And you may have felt pressured to turn off the TV and get them outside. It can be challenging! Some kids (and some adults!) Not all kids (and adults!) Researchers have found that spending time outdoors has many benefits. It can reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep. It also boosts your mood and immune system. How can we keep it simple and get the whole family outdoors? Here are some easy-peasy tips.

1. I love eating outside. It’s easy, and it is. In the summer months, try to eat one meal per day outside. Breakfast in the driveway, waving cars by, lunch in your backyard, or dinner in a park. In cooler months, you can have one meal outdoors a week or on days when the weather is nice. We often take our camp stove to the lake near our home and cook burgers or BBQs. Takeaway on Friday nights is also popular (especially with parents, as it’s easy to prepare and clean up). We even ate a box of fruit loops for dinner without overthinking it. We also eat outside by snacking at the park or playground, having breakfast in the stroller during a morning hike, or enjoying afternoon tea in front of the house. Rudie Nudie is our extra member of the family and joins us at all outdoor meals.

2. We also like to take our toys outside to the backyard. Enjoy the new scenery by putting down our Rudie Nudie Mat. We bring our favorite toys, drawing tools, bubble machines, play dough, or board games. Sensory play takes place outdoors, on the lawn. Sand, water, or messy play are rotated. It’s easy to hose down the mat if it gets dirty. This is an excellent way for kids to have fun! It sounds easy, but by changing the location, toys are often played with differently, and the play lasts longer. We also soak up the sun.

3. You don’t want to organize anything? Find a local playgroup, check out what’s happening in the area, or arrange a playdate at a nearby playground. You can also park further away and walk there. You can also rent bikes from your local center and become a tourist within your town. Or, create a list of outdoor adventures you will choose randomly or by taking turns. We like to have a Sunday Funday and do something fun outside every Sunday. Ask the children to join you. “Let’s go outside!” What would you do?

4. You may ask, “But what about the weather?” I will be honest. I live in Mount Gambier, and if the weather kept me indoors, I would be housebound at least six months out of the year. There’s a quote that says, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” I disagree as we have our fair share of miserable weather. But I also don’t let the wet or cold hold us back. Winter months are also a great time to explore the outdoors. The gardens will change, and animals and bugs will be more active. What child wouldn’t enjoy jumping in puddles during these colder months? We have invested in waterproof clothing (a lifesaver for crawlers!) We’ve invested in waterproof clothes (lifesavers for crawlers! Buy a size up to allow you to layer warm clothing underneath. This will help you get through more than one winter. Rudie Nudie mats are great for keeping our bums dry, and we always have a place to sit. Research shows that exposure to cold temperatures does not cause illness and that being outdoors helps your immune system. Fresh air and sunshine are great for your health, so don’t stay indoors because of the weather.

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