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At Mesmerised, we are specialists in black-and-white books for babies and newborns. Black and white images with high contrast are more accessible for babies to see in the first few months when vision is still developing. Our specially designed books will stimulate your baby’s cognitive development.

What makes our black-and-white books superior to other high-contrast books available today? Images have been created specifically for newborns’ vision. The graphics are optimized for eyes that cannot see fine details or fine lines. The bold patterns and shapes will captivate your baby. Babies have loved our books for years!

Words from happy mums… “Just wanted to mention that my 5-month-old baby LOVES MESMERISE and has since she was a newborn. Mesmerised was a lifesaver on a recent 10,000km road trip. Thanks.’ Susie, Kununurra, WA.

I just had to tell you how beautiful your book was. A midwife in the mother and child unit recommended us this book. I recommended it to my mums’ online group. Since purchasing the book and the flashcards, many girls have raved about it!’ Lisa from Hobart

These books are the best! My 7-week-old son is in love with them, and he stops screaming when I give him the book. Please send me a link to a public review. Every new parent should know about it!

The book is fantastic!! My 8-week-old son loved it when I bought one a few years ago. I’ve told all my friends about it and will buy one for every new baby! Kate, Brunswick Victoria

“Hi, Katey. I received the book this morning. I’m thrilled with the book. Cara from Hobart in Tasmania says, “My 20-month-old son also loves it, and my 10-week-old is mesmerized.”

“I just wanted to let you know that my 5-month-old baby loves Mesmerised. She has loved it since she was a newborn. Mesmerised was a lifesaver on a recent 10,000km road trip. Thanks.’ Susie, Kununurra, WA.

“I have heard about how wonderful the Mesmerised book is for newborns, and I often recommend it to friends and family. But seeing my newborn engage with the books as he did has been very special. Alexander was immediately drawn to the images in the Mesmerised Book. I could see his excitement and fascination in his eyes. He was so relaxed and happy that when he got frustrated with the wind, he pooped straight away.’ Liz, Maleny

Hello, I just wanted to share this photo of my 6-day-old baby looking at the flashcards I posted near the changing table. I thought he wouldn’t be able to see them until a little while, so I put them up to ensure my toddler could also enjoy them. He was crying as I changed his diaper. He suddenly stopped, and he looked at the cards!” Lucy

“Hello, Katey; I just wanted to let you know that our little fellow has been nine months and still loves his favorite books. He always picks these books from the stack when it comes to storytime. He looks at the pictures and laughs when we make sounds like the fish blup-blup or blowing the flower’s petals.

“I wanted to let you guys know that your books sounded too good to be accurate, but I still wanted to try them out, so I bought them. Was I surprised? They are beautiful! My son enjoys looking at them. I’m grateful!

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