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Before investing in a new car seat, we consider our baby’s safety, comfort, and budget.

Many Australian parents choose convertible car seats for their babies from birth upward. There are many reasons to do so.

Here we will show you the Mother’s Choice Adore car seat’s features and benefits and explain why this is the car seat of choice for many parents.

Adore AP Convertible car seat

The Adore is designed for newborns to four-year-olds or until the shoulder reaches the upper height mark.

This seat is equipped with the latest technology to provide children with maximum comfort and protection in case of an accident.

Your precious cargo will be safe and relaxed on car trips, which in turn helps parents feel confident.

Australian parents love adore for five main reasons:

This allows extended rearward-facing

In Australia, infants can face forward as early as six months. Many parents keep their children rearward-facing from 12 to 30 months old.

To protect your child’s safety, you may decide to keep them in the rearward-facing position for longer. It is important to remember that not all children enjoy facing away from their families.

Adore is the best choice for this situation as it allows rearward facing to be extended to 30 months and then forward facing to 4 years old approximately.

This car seat offers both options if you are unsure how long your child should remain in the rearward-facing position. You can keep your child in the rearward-facing place as long as the shoulders don’t exceed the rearward-facing shoulder height mark on the car seat.

It comes with an adjustable headrest.

They will increase during the first four years of your child’s life. Sometimes it feels as if this growth happened overnight!

It will be much easier to transition when you have a car seat that has an adjustable headrest.

The Adore car seat features a 5-position headrest that can be adjusted with one hand. It also has an inbuilt harness adjustment, so you don’t have to remove it from the vehicle.

The 3-position recline allows children to face forward to be more comfortable.

ISOFIX simplifies the lives of parents!

ISOFIX is another feature of Adore designed with busy parents in mind.

Unlike the traditional seat belt method, installing your car seat is quick and easy with ISOFIX. ISOFIX is also suitable for rearward-facing and forward-facing installations.

Installing ISOFIX in your vehicles will allow you to move a seat from one vehicle to another quickly. Install an ISOFIX base into each car.

ISOFIX car seats have an indicator built in that tells you if it is correctly installed or not. You can travel with confidence knowing that your car seat is correctly installed.

You will be thrilled if your car’s seats have ISOFIX anchors!

The Summit ISO 30, Accord AP, and Adore AP convertible car seats are all ISOFIX compatible.

Wicking fabric to provide year-round comfort

Car seats can be pretty warm for children throughout the year, especially during summer.

The Adore convertible seat is made of soft, comfortable fabric that draws moisture from the body. This will keep your child cool and dry while they are traveling.

This feature is perfect for families that take road trips often.

Air Protection(tm) Technology

Mother’s Choice Car Seats exceed Australian Standards with Air Protect(TM).

The Air Protect(tm), a technology built into the headrests of car seats, helps reduce the severity of side impact accidents. Side-impact crashes are responsible for almost one-third of all child fatalities. Nearly all these injuries result from head trauma, which is why this feature is popular among Australian parents.

A headrest with Air Protect (TM) will be a cushion to protect your child’s brain in an accident. It will absorb the impact and transfer it away from their head.

Summary of Adore’s convertible car seat features

Adore is a car seat with many features to make your child feel safe, comfortable, and happy while traveling. They are:

  • AirProtect (TM) provides superior protection against side impacts for the head.
  • Comfortable fabric made of wicking material
  • ISOFIX allows for simple installation
  • Maximum height of 390mm (maximum rearward facing)
  • Approximately four years old (the height marker is 430mm).
  • Headrest is easily adjustable to accommodate your growing child by adjusting the harness upwards without removing the car seat.
  • 3 Position Recline (Facing Forward)
  • Seating depths that are large for comfort and safety for growing children
  • Simple installation of the in-built rebound bar
  • Plush infant insert
  • Covers that can be machine washed


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