Prams with capsules

Modern conveniences offer parents a variety of containers into which they can place their babies. However, these containers are not designed to promote healthy development. They are meant to simplify and protect us.

Babies should be allowed to move freely and have plenty of room to do so early on. This will enable them to take advantage of their automatic reflexes. The reflexes help the baby survive the first few months outside the womb. They also get the baby moving if the environment is right.

Sadly, statistics show that children’s obesity and inactivity are rising across many countries. These statistics result from many factors, including the media and corporations preying on parents’ fear for their children’s safety. This has led to the so-called ‘bubble-wrapped’ generation 1. Another factor is the use of containers to control the movement of the child and to transport them.

In everyday life, babies are frequently confined in containers like prams and car seats. They may also be limited to cots, ‘baby sats,’ or bouncers. A ” containerized ” child may not be able to participate in sensory experiences or explore the environment freely. Parents may be afraid that their child will choke on leaves or have allergies, so they force them to sit in the pram instead of letting the child play on the grass. A child might not get tummy time while awake because of sudden infant death syndrome concerns. These factors can lead to less active young children learning through their senses. They also need more time to develop the fundamental motor skills. 

While modern containers claim to entertain and stimulate children, they are best used sparingly. Baby in a bounciness is restricted to only watching. He can only protect you or play with the toy within his reach. He cannot strengthen his neck, arm, and head muscles as he could if he were lying on his stomach. Jolly jumpers may seem an excellent way to stimulate your child’s development. Still, using them for a long time can prevent infants from learning to control their environment and allowing their natural reflexes to get them moving.

The Bumbo Seat and other ‘baby seat’ devices should be avoided. These ‘baby seat’ devices that secure the bottom and hug the legs will prevent a baby from being able to move around freely. This will also prevent them from developing muscle strength for crawling or creeping, crawling, stalking, and tummy time. Others may skip tummy time

While baby capsules are an essential safety seat for the family car, they also restrict a child’s movements. These containers are crucial for car travel, as all children must be safely restrained. However, they can pose serious health risks when removed from the vehicle. We recommend that you never let your child sleep in capsules outside of the car. Additionally, the 45-degree angle of the car seat can limit the infant’s ability to learn.

Each stage of development provides the experience necessary to achieve the next level. Babies are programmed from birth to move. All your baby needs is a play area and some time to allow them to grow naturally. Think twice before using a container next time. Your child could be missing out on important opportunities to learn and move.

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